April 27, 2013 @ UCLA

Inaugural Theme: 'Two Steps Forward'
April 27, 2013 @ UCLA

Thursday, May 2, 2013

 GSSCP 2013 was a provocative, dynamic, and broadening afternoon.

THANK YOU to our five diverse and brilliant speakers, as well as to everyone in attendance whose contributions made for such a terrific symposium. May the connections and conversation carry on!

Meanwhile, check out Sam Durant's latest project.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


We look forward to you joining us in LA next week!
(download pdf program here)

Ironing out the details: Implementing non-invasive methods for classifying iron corrosion in historic structures
Amy Elizabeth Uebel
Clemson University/College of Charleston, Historic Preservation

Pitfalls and hurdles: The case of Piano Della Civita in Artena
Leah Marangos
Rutgers University, Art History and Cultural Heritage and Preservation

Stayin' alive: Reconsidering the prohibition of sites associated with living persons from the National Register
Adam Rubin
The George Washington University, American Studies and Historic Preservation


Incorporating non-Western views into American preservation: Combining the American and Japanese models
Seth Hines
University of Georgia, Historic Preservation

The Garden of Defiance at the West Los Angeles VA Campus
Sarah Kozal
University of Southern California, School of Architecture, Heritage Conservation

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Problems with Decomposition

Los Angeles-based artist Sam Falls' new book, Problems With Decomposition (Mörel 2012), explores processes of material decomposition via photographic capture: the affect of sunlight on paper when left in the sill, or the transformation of aluminum when exposed to the elements. In a recent New York Times review, Falls describes his work as "muddied and filled with aspects of failure. That way it’s often easier to understand.”